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The House Blog Tour – Win a FREE Kindle!
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About the Author - Anjuelle Floyd
     Anjuelle Floyd is a wife of twenty-eight years, mother of three, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in mother-daughter relations and dream work.
     A graduate of Duke University, she received her MA in Counseling Psychology from The California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco. She has attended the Dominican Institute of Philosophy and Theology, Berkeley, California, and received her MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College, Port Townsend, Washington. She has received certificates of participation from The Hurston-Wright Writers’ Week and The Voices of Our Nations Writing Workshops.
     A student of Process Painting for the last decade, Anjuelle has participated in The Art of Living Black Exhibitions 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 held at the Richmond Art Center, Richmond, California.
     Anjuelle facilitates writing groups and provides individual consultation of fiction projects. She also gives
talks on The Need for Family, the Writing Process as a Path Toward Self-discovery and Healing.

About The House
     On receiving the very thing she wants—a divorce and the power to sell their house—over which they have fought the past year—Anna Manning learns that Edward, her soon-to-be ex-husband is dying from cancer.
     A faithful wife for three decades, and stay-at-home mother of four children, Anna endured Edward’s constant absence due to travel for his international real estate firm and numerous extra-marital affairs. With their children now adults, Edward has less than six months, possibly three, to live.
     Anna takes him home to die in the house she has fought so vigorously to sell. But letting go of someone who has caused so much pain in your life doesn’t come easily. Edward has changed. There are Anna and Edward’s four children, three of whom who are married and struggling to endow their families with meaning and purpose.
     News of Edward’s terminal illness provokes her to understand the present, rooted in a wellspring of the past and pouring into a future without him.
     The House shows what happens when one adopts the belief that: All hold regret and are seeking forgiveness. Our salvation rests in the hands of others—most particularly the ones we love, and who have treated us wrongly.
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Book Review by Author Shelia E. Lipsey

     Anna and Edward Manning have been married for thirty years. They are the parents of four children, whom Anna has forsaken her outside dreams for to become a stay-at-home mom. Edward's business demands a heavy travel schedule which keeps him away from his family throughout his international real estate career.  Being away from home so much opens a wide window of opportunity for Edward to indulge in making a substantial fortune for his family and an opening to dally in extra-marital affairs at his discretion.
    Now the kids are no longer small; they are on their own, and Anna cannot endure another year of Edward's infidelity and absences. The decision to divorce Edward and ask for the house is an easy one. Anna is not by any means docile and naive; she fights to get what she wants-and does. When she is granted everything she asks for, including the house, Anna is taken aback. Edward would never be this easy to deal with. She discovers that her soon to be ex-husband is terminally ill and Anna has a change of heart about her requests.
   Author Anjuelle Floyd has written a superb novel complete with mystery, love, and intrigue. Her characters are so real that I feel as though I can reach out and touch them.  The descriptive narrative, and slices of realism throughout garner a permanent place on my top shelf books. Kudos to Anjuelle Floyd for a well-written, captivating literary work.
To celebrate the release of her novel, The House, author Anjuelle Floyd is offering a (1) Kindle Wi-Fi (retail value: $139.00) as a part of her promotional blog tour.

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Tea said...

Thanks for sharing news about The House, Sheila. I will go over to the author's blog too.

Anjuelle Floyd said...


Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

I hope you enjoy my blog/website.

Have a great and wonderful day.

Peace and Blessings.

Anjuelle Floyd said...


Thanks so much for such a wonderful, compelling and insightful review of "The House".

I also appreciate you hosting my November 2010 Blog Tour promoting "The House".

Peace and Blessings.

Shelia Lipsey said...

Anjuelle, Welcome! I am glad for an opportunity to host you on my blog today! I enjoyed The House and will be starting on the next few days!