Live Your Dreams Now

Whenever a new year approaches I automatically begin to have a sense of apprehension, nervousness and uncertainty. I know the reasons for these feelings: it's because so many people come to the cusp of a new year and do not live to see it; others barely enter into the new year and then they die. Death is inevitable, this we all know. But when the old year ends and another one is ushered in, I always have a tendency to contemplate how fragile life is. Knowing this, and the fact that no one knows when they are going to die, I guess it causes me to analyze the end and beginning of things more than I do during the year.

Because tomorrow is not promised to anyone, why not live your life like it's your last day on earth? I am determined to do that from this moment on. I am determined to stop focusing on all of the negativity and instead use life's lessons to push me forward toward living out my dreams now! I refuse to live a life of regrets and 'what ifs'. I want to live totally and completely doing what God has designed uniquely for me.

I ask you to reflect on your life. Think of all that has occurred this past year. Think of the larger than life events that have taken place in 2009, some were pleasant while others were devastating and trying. But through it all, if you are reading this, it means that you are still here. It means that you have more to do so start doing it.

Whatever dreams are nestled in your heart, mind and spirit, now is the time to share them with the world by taking a giant leap of faith and walking in God's favor for your life.

Simply put: Live Your Dreams Now
May God Bless Each of You

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