My Son's Wife - At a Store Near You!

I am absolutely thrilled that my third novel, My Son's Wife is available to the world! God is so good. He loves himself some Shelia and I'm grateful and oh so humbled by His grace and mercy toward me. It's amazing, this gift God has blessed me with. Writers you know what I'm talking about, and readers so do you for that matter. To be able to take words, bring them forth from your mind, down to the tips of your fingers and on to a computer keyboard, into a word document, and a story slowly unweaves that is uniquely given to you to write! That's miraculous. Not everyone has the gift to be able to place words miraculously on paper. But we all have gifts that God has endowed within us. Maybe your gift isn't to write. Maybe you have the gift of 'helps' or 'compassion', or the gift of 'faith.' Maybe you have the gift of 'encouragement.' Whatever your gift is, please, please Use it. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. The gifts He blesses us with, He will make room for those gifts to do what He has designed for them to do. I have great expecatations for each book God places in my heart and spirit to write. I believe they will not return void because His word is manifested in each page. I am so in awe that I've been chosen to carry out His plan and purpose through writing. I pray that you will pick up a copy of My Son's Wife and read it with as much passion as I put into writing it. I pray that something within the pages of the book will touch you, move you, make you think, and remind you of the goodness, forgiveness, mercy and grace of God.

Here's a short synopsis of My Son's Wife:
First Lady Audrey Graham adores her daughter's best friend, Rena Jackson. In Rena, Audrey finds the loving relationshp she longs to have with her own troubled daughter, Francesca. When Audrey's son, Stiles, comes home from Duke Divinity School, Audrey is overjoyed at the news that he has decided to follow in his father's clerical footsteps. But the good news doesn't stop there. Finding his sister's friend all grown up, Stiles quickly falls in love with Rena. But Rena's fairy tale life is disrupted when Frankie, her old love interest, learns about the new relationship.
In this explosive novel, the old adage of 'what's done' in the dark' turns out to be more true than anyone can imagine!
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Sharen said...

The book was truly great! I have read all 3 and I can't decide which one was better than the other. Your are blessed lady.

Continue to allow the Lord to use you for HIS GLORY.

Teresa said...

I must admit, when I read the back cover I couldn't tell if I wanted to read it. Then when I started I couldn't stop. Please let us have a part 2 real soon.

Love and Happiness said...

I have read this book and i am a hard critic. Shelia truly did an outstanding job on it. She made me care about the out come of the characters situations. A must read!! I look forward to reading My Son's EX-Wife.