I Guarantee It...

This month, November, is the month set aside to give thanks. Thanksgiving Day many of you gathered with family and friends and enjoyed food and fun. It was a time to laugh, to reminisce and to give thanks. It feels good to sit around with family, friends and loved ones and be cheerful. It feels good to feast on fine food and hear stories from others about things going on in their lives.

But how do you give thanks when you've had a year of layoffs, bad breaks, heartaches, the loss of a loved one, foreclosures and even the literary industry has taken a huge blow. How do you put on a happy face and be content when the events of life have punched you in the gut?

It is possible to be thankful when there have been sad situations and occurences that have taken place in your life. How? I'll tell you how and I'm going to tell you what I know from life's experiences. I have learned that life is not always fair. I have learned that good things happen to the just and the unjust. I have learned that through tears I can smile. I have learned that through heartache that I can love again. I've done this by simply 'living'. See living this earthly life teaches us how to face adversities and pressures. I believe that I have gained strength because of God's unconditonal, never ceasing love for me. Yep, I've had some tough times, and probably will always face tough times. But listen, tough times make you tougher. God has shown me this over and over again with each day that He allows me to live and breathe on this earth.

I've been tried through the fire and I've come out on the other side! Not because of some great faith that I have but because of the greatness of the Father who loves me and created me. He has not left me alone. Every time I could have been dead, He has seen fit to keep me one more day. Every adversity that has come into my life, God has brought me through it. Every time I've worried and doubted and felt lost and all alone, God has come to my rescue.

I know from experience that God never fails. I know from experience that every single, solitary situation that lucifer meant for my demise, meant for evil against me and my seed, that the God who loves me turned a bad situation into a sweet situation. In other words, God took what the devil meant for harm against me and God took it made it work out for my good.

He will do the same for you. I know He will. I know He can. If you have not placed your trust in God today, I double dare you to do it! Find out for yourself.

Give thanks in everything and remember to keep God first. I know He will come through for you. I guarantee it!

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