Girl, Naw! by Author Lacricia A'ngelle

Author, Lacricia A'ngelle is blazing the literary trails and creating quite a buzz with her 5-star rated novel, Girl, Naw. I've been following her this week on her blog tour and have been totally entertained, blessed and honored all at the same time. The work she does includes not only being an author, but Ms. A'ngelle is a licensed evangelist, a mother, an encourager, a true prayer warrior - and I'm glad that she is also my dearest friend. When I purchased my copy of Girl, Naw I was totally taken into the story! Here is my review of Girl, Naw!
Lacricia A'ngelle's novel, Girl, Naw, is truly a testimony of the goodness of God! The title itself is addictive and magnetizing!

In Girl, Naw, the protagonist is Antoinette Walker, a professional counselor. Mrs. Walker counsels women with serious issues, while balancing a life that includes children and a husband. The women Antoinette counsels come from various walks and stages of life. She addresses the problems her clients face with patience and compassion. However, in doing so, Antoinette Walker is forced to look at the woman in the mirror, and for once admits to herself that she must come to terms with her own inner demons. Antoinette's life and the lives of her clients, reveal how the choices we make in life can effect us; sometimes positively and other times negatively.

The relationship Antointte has with her husband, Maurice, reminds me that the sanctity of marriage still exists, and not all men are out to take advantage of women. Throughout the pages of Girl, Naw I learned much about the power of love, forgiveness and the importance of learning to love one's self.

The manner in which Ms. A'ngelle delivers this dynamic story is grabbing and realistic. It addresses everyday issues that occur in people's lives. Sometimes we are so busy trying to help others that we forget that we have some cleaning up to do in our own lives. The consequences we pay for our sins can be tremendous and life changing.

Like a seasoned literary veteran, Lacricia A'ngelle expertly brings her characters to life, and therefore has done well in the delivery of Girl, Naw. It is such an easy and enjoyable read. I could not put it down until I finished it. Ms. A'ngelle has gained a reader for life! Ms. A'ngelle is definitely anointed, blessed and favored by God, and I look forward to more uplifting, inspiring novels from Ms. A'ngelle.

A special note to Lacricia from author Shelia E. Lipsey - Keep moving, don't stop, even when times get hard. You are doing the will of God, and in doing so you SHALL prosper in all that you set out to do. Remember, whenever you feel like giving up or the pressure seems to great or “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59:19“. I love you and I pray for ALL good and perfect gifts in your life.

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Ty said...

Thanks for hosting LaCricia on your blog today. It's great to see such a wonderful friendship among writers.