Beautiful Ugly by
Multi-Award Winning Author Shelia E. Lipsey
Coming to stores nationwide and Online August 1, 2009!

Is Beauty Really in the Eyes of the Beholder?
Or the One Staring Back at You in the Mirror?

Envy Wilson, Layla Hobbs and Kacie Mayweather are three 30 year old friends who rely heavily on one another for support in troubled times.

Layla fights the battle of obesity, coupled with low self esteem, but her melodious voice can soothe the savage beast. Who can fulfill her desire for love?

Envy is Layla’s backbone, and one of the few people in her life who doesn’t beat up on her about being overweight. But Envy has her own dark and sordid secrets that she refuses to share, not even with Layla and Kacie.

Kacie, born with cerebral palsy, has always felt the need to prove that she can get a man just like any ‘normal’ woman. She has six children and five baby daddies; bug has never had a husband. When she meets an older man at church, she hopes her prayers for a perfect love will be fulfilled.

Through their trials, the three of them cling to each other. The circumstances they face will hopefully teach them how to cling to God.

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Shelia E. Lipsey

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