The months are quickly passing and my heart is beating rapidly because my third novel, My Son's Wife, is scheduled for release October 1, 2008. I promise to deliver you a mind-boggling, drama filled, inspirational novel that's different from the rest!

Rena Jackson falls in love with debonair Minister Stiles Graham. Stiles's mother, First Lady Audrey Graham, loves her new daughter-in-law. She's known Rena and her family since Rena was a teenager, and loves the fact that Stiles and Rena have fallen in love. Rena is the kind of girl that First Lady Audrey dreams that her wayward daughter was like.

While Rena Jackson loves Stiles, she harbors a deep, dark secret. A secret that can tear her life and the life of everyone around her. The love she has for Stiles is true but the love she has for Frankie is one that no one can tear apart, because no one knows about it.

The saying, what's done in the dark will come to the light, is bound to burst forward as the day nears for the wedding between Rena and Stiles. "My Son's Wife' is sure to be another page-turner!

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