Exclusive with Teary Fullalove of Into Each Life!

Reporter: Hello,Teary. I'm glad you agreed to this interview today.
Teary: Thank you. I'm glad I was able to do it.
Reporter: Teary, I know you don't have a lot of time. So I'm cutting right through the chase. Give us the inside scoop about the relationship between you and Prodigal Runsome.
Teary: Prodigal and I are friends. If you want to find out anything more, you'll have to read the book.
Reporter: Okay, I see this isn't going to be as easy as I anticipated that it would. Tell me this, did you read Prodigal's take on love and friendship a couple of weeks ago?
Teary: Yes, I did. And I agree with what he had to say in a lot of areas. Friendship to me is golden! When a person has friends, it's like an extension of family. Some people are actually closer to their friends than they are family members.
Reporter: Are you talking about yourself, Teary?
Teary: I'm not going to fall for your sneaky way of trying to get me to say something that you want to hear. Like I told you, if you want to know about me, my personality, my character, about whatever, then read, Into Each Life. Everything you ever wanted to know about Teary Fullalove can be found within those pages.
Reporter: Are you close to your family, Teary?
Teary: I love my family.
Reporter: And what about Prodigal's family?
Teary: What about Prodigal's family? Look, I know you expected to learn a lot more about me and my personal business, but it's not going to happen. I really need to close this interview session. Until Into Each Life has been released and you've read it, I'm not at liberty to say a whole lot. But I can tell you that you won't be sorry you purchased it and you definitely won't regret reading it. The book is scheduled to be released January 2007 which will be here before you know it. As a matter of fact, why not pre-order it right now from or contact your local bookstores. Now, I'm sorry, but I really do have to go. Bye now.
Reporter: Goodbye, Teary Fullalove. And there you have it folks. Teary Fullalove from the soon to be released novel,Into Each Life, by Shelia E. Lipsey, avoided many of this reporter's questions. Instead she urged me to read Into Each Life and then come back to her for answers to any questions I might have at that time. I will do that and suggest that you do the same. The next time we talk to her, we'll be ready and she won't be able to avoid our questions. Thank you for tuning into blogsbyshelia for this all exclusive interview!


Leslie E. said...

Hi Teary,

Well I read the book & it was great! Girl what took you so long to realize that love was staring you in the face??? I'm really glad the blinders finely came off your eyes. I can say I can relate to your story. I actually though I was reading about myself when I read about what happened with Langston.

On another point, where did your mother get the name Teary? Were you a cry baby :) ??????

Well, I'll talk to you later.

Leslie E.

Shelia E. Lipsey said...

Leslie, I guess the saying, "You can't see the forest for the trees" is true, especially in my case. l I guess I knew all along that Prodigal loved me and that i loved him, but you know how things go sometimes. I was just so wrapped up in everything around me that I think I took advantage of Prodigal, or maybe I didn't want it to be him. I thought that Langston was the boy for me but I sure was wrong. Then when Skyler came along, and I saw how much he needed someone to love, then I just knew that someone would be me. Again, I was wrong. anyway, I can't tell you why my mother named me Teary. I never thought about it actually, but subconsciously, maybe it was because she knew that my life would be full of tears! The only thing is that now the tears I shed are from pure happiness.

Anonymous said...

I think Leslie E. posted some great questions. Thanks for answering them!

Happy New Year!